GRIEGER Aluminiumprofil Systeme

TZPLUS is in partnership with GRIEGER, promoting the GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme across the Asia Pacific region.

GRIEGER is an innovative company from Hemmingen (close to Stuttgart), Germany specializing in factory automation and creating machine frames, conveyor systems and much more.

TZPLUS offers the supply of GRIEGER Aluminmprofil Systeme and the related accessories.  With our self contained Black Room facilities, we are able to provide assembly work without compromising the secret of your project.

GRIEGER Aluminmprofi Systeme is available in various dimension.  We offer several series with a base size from 20mm to 45mm with the section sizes typically at: 20×20, 20×40, 40×40, 45×45 and double sizing at 20×60, 40×60, 40×80 and many more.  The series groove opening sizes from 5mm to 10mm respectively.  The groove size determines the bolt sizes used for connections, i.e. M5, M6, and M8, M10

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GRIEGER Accessories

The GRIEGER Aluminium Profile Accessories are high quality products, made to last.
Complete range of accessories for GRIEGER Profile System is available.
GRIEGER Accessories range:

Connectors – Brackets, swivel bracket, multiconnector, central bolt, inner bracket
Fixing – installation material
Feet, Castors
Workstation Lamps, tool hangers, grinder stones
Door element – hinges, handles, ball catches, slam latches
Profile covers, caps
Fixture for panels – Uniblocks, Panel (rubber profile)