Combining accuracy and value precision, TZPLUS Machine Key brings precision design from Europe into your prototype design and any mechanical powered transmission component.

Machine Key (also known as Shaft Key) is a piece of insert among the shaft and hub or groups of pulley to attach these jointly in order to produce relative motion. The insert is at all times parallel to axis of shaft. Keys are often used as momentary fastenings and are subjected to considerable amount of crushing and shearing stresses. The insert pathway is known as the keyway (keyseat).

Keyway is a slot or nook in a shaft and hub of pulley, designed for the insertion of Key.

Type of Machine Key:

Flat sunk key
(RSNR Series)
Feather key is attach to one member of pair with which permit relative axial movement is identified as feather key.

Single Round sunk key
(RSSR Series)
Most commonly used in today’s industry.  Parallel keys can sometimes be called straight keys and include square or and rectangular design.

Double Round sunk key
(RSDR Series)
Rectangular sunk key is usual proportions of Width of key and thickness of key and diameter of the shaft or diameter of hole in the hub.

Woodruff Key – Type A
(WFA Series)
Woodruff is a semi-circular insert, into a curved slot in the shaft.
Available in assorted dimension – see WFA, WFB, WFC and WFD series.

•TZPLUS Stock Key available in 300mm or 350mm length
•Flat Key available in Square Key, Single Round Key or Double Round Key in assorted dimension
•Several series available for selection – SK300, SKS350, RS series and more.
•TZPLUS Woodruff Key (also known as Half Moon Key) available in Type A and Type B
•Gib-Head Key
•Taper Pin
•Most comprehensive range of Machine Key.
•Over 600 various sizes available in both metric (millimetre) and Imperial (inch) are available.


•Steel S45C
•Stainless SteeL #SUS304, #SUS316
•Plain surface
•Black Oxide surface available for added strength
•Special made to order is available

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