A chain is made up of a series of links and the links are held together with pins. This arrangement makes a chain a strong and lasting approach of transmitting rotary motion.

Chain drive has one main advantage over a traditional gear train. Only two gear wheels and a chain are needed to transmit rotary motion over a distance. With a traditional gear train, many gears must be arranged meshing with each other in order to transmit motion.


  • Standard Roller Chains (Single Strand, Multiple Strand)
  • ISO-B Series Roller Chains (Single Strand, Multiple Strand)
  • Stainless Steel (SS) Roller Chains
  • Double-Pitch Roller Chains
  • H-Series Roller Chains (Heavy Duty Chains)
  • HE, E, LL -Series Roller Chains
  • Semi-Standard Roller Chains
  • Anti-Corrosion / Heat resistant Chains
  • Chemical-Resistance Properties
  • Rustop (N) Chains – Nickel Plated
  • Oil-less Chains Agricultural Chains Hoist Chains Bushed Chains Leaf Chains
  • Roller Chains with special attachment.

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